steam systems, instrumentation & daylighting
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• The Rototherm Group is a global leader in the measurement of Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Level. They offer a complete service range that includes temperature assemblies, pressure gauges, process recorders, and orifice plates.

• We supply their products to all sectors of industry and processing including:

 Oil and Gas 

✓ Power Generation

✓ Tea Processing

✓ Tobacco Processing

✓ Tyre Manufacturing

✓ Brewing

✓ Cement and Food

 Personal Care Manufacturing

• The Rototherm Group’s product portfolio includes:

✓ Recorders & Controllers

✓ Flow Measurement

✓ Level & Density Measurement

✓ Temperature Assemblies

✓ Switches & Manifolds

✓ Pressure Gauges

✓ Temperature Gauges

• We represent the Rototherm Group in Kenya.