steam systems, instrumentation & daylighting
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• NDC Technologies is the acknowledged leader in the development and manufacture of Process Measurement and Control Solutions for industrial processes. They develop high performance measurement solutions using a wide range of non-contacting measurement techniques designed to improve product quality and productivity.

• NDC Technologies offers solutions for these key applications:

✓ Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals – In-process moisture measurements, on-line and at-line, for powders, granules, pastes and slurries

✓ Coating, Laminating & Converting – Coat weight, coating thickness, barrier layers, lamination and moisture measurements

Film and Sheet Extrusion – Film thickness measurement and barrier layer measurement for extruded film and sheet

✓ Food Processing – On-line and at-Line measurements of moisture, fat, protein, oil and degree of bake

✓ Metals Industry – Thickness, coat weight, width and flatness measurements for ferrous and non-ferrous metals

✓ Minerals & Bulk Materials – Industrial moisture measurements for minerals and bulk materials

✓ Nonwovens & Textiles – Basis weight and moisture measurement solutions for nonwovens and textiles

✓ Pipe and Tube – Automatically measure and control dimension during production

✓ Rubber and Vinyl Calendering – Basis weight and thickness measurement and control solutions for vinyl and rubber calendering

✓ Tobacco Processing – Moisture, nicotine, sugars and temperature measurements in primary & GLT processes

• Steam Plant Ltd. has supplied, commissioned and trained users on NDC analysers in the Tobacco, Tea, Cereals, Detergent, Cement & Cocoa Industries in the DRC, Nigeria, Tanzania, Madagascar & Kenya.

• We represent NDC Technologies in Burundi, DRC, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania & Uganda.